Four Ways to Prevent Falls in Elderly

prevent falls in elderly

Preventing Falls in The Elderly

We’ve all taken a tumble on occasion. And we’re very familiar with the bruises—and bruised egos—that come along with it. But every so often, a fall leads to serious injury, and the possibility of that outcome is much greater for seniors.

The good news is there are several ways to minimize the risk of falling, both at home and away. Here are four simple steps you can take to keep your loved ones safe:

Remove Any Objects That Could Cause a Fall.

Keep all the walkways around your home as open and clear of objects as possible so there’s plenty of room to pass through them. Consider moving any furniture someone could stumble into elsewhere.

Make sure any electrical cords are running along the wall, and tape them down so they stay in place. Another item to tape down is the edges of area rugs to prevent anyone’s shoes from tripping. And don’t forget to make sure every room has lots of light!

Invest in Practical Shoes With Non-Slip Soles.

Shoes that fit well do more than keep blisters and sore feet at bay; they keep feet from slipping. Shoes that are too loose might slide off. If they’re too tight, they make walking uncomfortable and more difficult. A good pair of shoes with non-skid soles is one of the easiest and wisest investments in safety you can make. (And avoid walking on stairs or slick floors in socks too.)

Stay Up-to-Date on Eye Exams and Physicals as Well as Medication Side Effects.

Even the slightest change in vision can increase the risk of falling. In fact, there are a number of health issues and side effects from medication that can impact balance and coordination. Stay on top of annual exams and learn about the potential reactions your loved one might experience from any prescriptions.

Hire a Private Caregiver.

If you’re away during the day and concerned about leaving a loved one alone, an in-home care provider is an ideal solution. Not only do private caregivers provide companionship, but they can ensure your loved one’s safety no matter where they go inside or outside the home. This added support gives everyone a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

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